My name is actually pronounced De-ana, with a latin accent preferably. Just kidding. I was born and raised in Lima, PerΓΊ. I moved to The States with my parents and siblings when I was 16. I am the third child of out four and I like the under-the-radar benefits of it. I'm a people-lover introvert.

I started my photography business nearly a decade ago. Despite my obvious love for color, it was actually a black and white film class that got me hooked on photography. Before becoming a photographer, I was an Interior Designer. I got to work on some pretty fun hotels around the world. 

Before being a designer, I was a mom and that's my favorite title to this day. My boys are no longer babies, but they're little enough that they don't get embarrassed when their friends ask "Can your mom come out and play too?" yet.

I love nature; playing in it and eating it too. I enjoy road-tripping, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, and drinking green smoothies.