Class Description

If you have a DSLR camera and feel like you’re not using it to its maximum potential because you shoot in auto mode,

then… this class is for you.

You’ll learn about exposure, aperture, shutter speed, light, and a few other fancy terms to go along with your fancy camera.

But, most importantly you’ll learn how to control it to get the photos you want!

This class is in a workshop format to make sure you are getting it. So, be sure you bring your camera.

Because I want to do my best to give everyone individual attention this class is limited to 10 people.

Class Reviews

The class and Diana were fantastic.  My camera has mostly sat in the camera bag for 3 years.  When I did pull it out I always dialed to ‘auto’ mode.  My ‘auto’ mode is a green box, after taking the class my green box is going to signal green for GO past and get to ‘M’ mode!.

I think that actually having the camera there with us, while we were learning from you was the best thing we could have done. I also really liked that you could check out what we were doing to see if it was ‘right’.

I knew nothing about shooting in manual before this class. You did a great job explaining all the terms & functions in a very understandable and easily usable way. You were very helpful assisting everyone with their cameras. You’re a very patient and attentive teacher !!!

The way that you introduced the important features of what is behind going manual.  You broke it down in a way that made sense and helped give me the confidence that I will figure this out! :)  It was the perfect amount of detail, instruction and demonstration.

Class Details

Location: Traction, 617 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI

Date: Sunday, January 17, from 9am to 12pm CLOSED

Date: Sunday, January 24, from 9am to 12pm NEW DATE ADDED 

Cost: $100


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One on One mentoring

If you prefer a session catered to your skill level and questions, this is for you

Cost: $375 for 1.5 hours


If you have taken my class enjoy the benefits

Cost: $225 for 1.5 hours