I am not in the best shape of my life. You will make me look good right? Hide this and that? Photoshop 10 pounds off?

Yes, yes, and no. 

I do not photoshop pounds off. I will make sure you actually look good from the start. If you are anything like me, you unconsciously bring out your double chin and fat arms as soon as a camera is out. I know it stinks when you notice this in your photos later on. On top of it, I keep forgetting to not go sleeveless for photos. E v e r y time. So, yes I will move you and do whatever is needed so you look just right.

But, most importantly, you need to remember the reason you want me to photograph your family in the first place, which is to capture the love, the connections and the memories that will get passed on to your children and grandchildren which is priceless. Think about 10 or 20 years from now. Your kids won't care that you were 50 pounds overweight. They don't care now. They think you are beautiful and they love you just the way you are. They will really appreciate photos of their momma playing and laughing together with them. That's what matters.


My husband absolutely hates family photos. He double hates the fact that we actually pay for doing this. You will photoshop a smile on my husband’s face too, right?

Yup! I will put a happy face emoji over his grumpy face in every photo. Just kidding. Husbands are their own specie. It is not that he doesn't love you or your family enough. He'd just rather take a shower with ice cold water than take family photos. He knows how important these photos are for you and he knows that you want everything to be perfect. Let's be real... we get a wee teeny tiny super stress about it... I mean... trying to keep everyone clean for longer that 5 minutes is nearly impossible so of course we stress. Stress makes your husband go into fight-or-flight response, except he can’t do either because... he loves you. But, it's hard to look happy when you are stressed. So... that’s why he'd rather get a root canal than do family photos. 

The good news is I am very aware of this and I know what works and what doesn’t work for dads. So wether your husband is super affectionate or not, super excited about photos or not, super grumpy or not… I got it. I will make the process painless and dad will look loving and connected. 

Real responses from real dads: "What? It's over?" "We're done? That wasn't bad" 


Ugh! Nevermind. There is no photoshop solution for my kids. They are crazy! Do you have a magic wand?!

I embrace their craziness. Their craziness is the reason I do what I do.

They may not sit still and smile pretty, but that’s ok because that does not show their personalities anyway. I want to capture each of their crazy! That is what makes your family special. That is my inspiration. My job is to keep up with them and I happily take on that challenge! and I am always up for the challenge!

Oh and you don’t have to tell them to listen to me. Another grownup to boss them around is the last thing they want. That never works well. You may want to tell them that you are gonna have a “family playdate” and that your friend Diana is gonna be there too.


Ok ok, I think I can do this, BUT... what are we gonna wear???

Pretend you are creating only one outfit for the whole family. Say YES to: comfy clothes, comfy shoes or no shoes, pastel colors and light neutrals, add texture such as fur, ruffles, clothes with movement, accessories such as hats, scarfs, necklaces, bracelets and headbands. Say NO to: graphic tees, large patterns, logos, dark colors, red and orange tops, oversized clothes, matching outfits.